September 23, 2009

You DOT The Look

Ah, the innocent days of organized basketball.  Do we have a future WNBA star on our hands?  Clearly, this young lady is happy to be playing on the "team."   And you know what team I'm talking about...Gimme a D...  Gimme an O... Gimme a T.  What a DOT!

Alexandria, VA

Words from our subject:
"I played on the freshman team and had crushes on some of the Varsity girls."

September 18, 2009

What's Happenin' DOT Stuff?

I may have to start a DOT of the Week/Month, because this picture is freakin' fantastic!  It's kind of a DOT Uncle Sam pic that says "Lesbian Life Wants You"!   And who knew there were little DOTS running around in the 60's?  Kidding!  Note to parents: if your daughter wants to play with toy guns and walkie talkies, time to join PFLAG.  I love the intensity our subject shows with her eyes.  She ain't foolin' anyone.  Not even herself.  What a DOT!

Philadelphia, PA
Words from our subject:
"I loooooooooooooved being a law-enforcement agent.  The smell of my cap gun...the feel of my plastic army didn't matter that there was rarely anyone on the other end of my walkie-talkie.  I can look back to that time (mid-late 60's) and know that I was most comfortable in my skin as a tomboy.  It took every ounce of my mom's will to convince me to wear a bra (at 12). I didn't want boobs. I wanted to play with the boys and be free."

September 16, 2009

Como se dice DOT?

This one is too precious!  Note the bowl haircut, the bracelet that Mom probably put on to make her daughter more feminine (at least that's what my Mom would do) and the smile that says "one day I'm gonna enjoy being in the locker room with the other girls."  What a DOT!

Knoxville, TN
Words from our subject:
"I think I was in 2nd grade in the blue track suit.  I didn't speak a lick of English but was seriously into Joan Jett."     

September 15, 2009

Too DOT To Handle

Today's subject is a doozy.  Note the Izod cardigan, the tie and the sneaky little smile that says, "I feel at home in this outfit".   What a DOT!

San Francisco, CA
Words from our subject: 
 "This was taken in 1984 at my aunt's wedding. I was 6 and refused to wear a dress, of course. My parents were very cool about me wearing a tie instead. I also refused to wear a girl's swimming suit until approximately this age, wearing only a pair of shorts and no shirt. This earned me the neighborhood nickname of "Trunks". In spite of all of this terribly damning evidence, my parents were still somehow surprised when Trunks 'fessed up to being a little lesbo ten years later. Go figure."

September 7, 2009

Feelin' Dot Dot Dot!

In this pic our subject is in her early teens.  Note the hat, Penguins t-shirt, cut-off sweatpants and overall pose, not to mention the hair.  What a DOT!  

Pittsburgh, PA

Welcome to D.O.T.

Since I am the Blog Master of DOT, it's only fair that I put my photo on here first. It speaks for itself.  This is my Little League baseball photo.  I was the Pitcher for the boy's team.  I loved my feathered short haircut. People would come up to my mom and say "your son is a great ball player" while I was standing right next to her.  I collected baseball cards and wore baseball t-shirts.  I thought I was just a tomboy, but really I was a DOT! 

Philadelphia, PA