September 18, 2009

What's Happenin' DOT Stuff?

I may have to start a DOT of the Week/Month, because this picture is freakin' fantastic!  It's kind of a DOT Uncle Sam pic that says "Lesbian Life Wants You"!   And who knew there were little DOTS running around in the 60's?  Kidding!  Note to parents: if your daughter wants to play with toy guns and walkie talkies, time to join PFLAG.  I love the intensity our subject shows with her eyes.  She ain't foolin' anyone.  Not even herself.  What a DOT!

Philadelphia, PA
Words from our subject:
"I loooooooooooooved being a law-enforcement agent.  The smell of my cap gun...the feel of my plastic army didn't matter that there was rarely anyone on the other end of my walkie-talkie.  I can look back to that time (mid-late 60's) and know that I was most comfortable in my skin as a tomboy.  It took every ounce of my mom's will to convince me to wear a bra (at 12). I didn't want boobs. I wanted to play with the boys and be free."

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