November 18, 2009

This Is DOT A Test!

Can you guess which one is the DOT in this pic?  Of course, you can!  It's all in the expression!  You can put the bathing suit on the future lesbo, but you can't make her pretend to like it.  But this little girl is special.... she has conviction!  Look at the way she's standing, like she's about to teach a lesson in living your truth.  Or she could be standing there thinking, "Chin up. Mom said if I wore this swimsuit, I could have a Twinkie afterwards!"  Either way... what a DOT!

Chicago, IL

Words From Our Subject:
"I was not happy that day.  No wonder I stand out like a sore thumb next to my very heterosexual sister.  It looks like she's ready for her America's Next Top Model audition. She knew how to smile with her eyes, even then.  These days the potbelly is gone, but the dyke-ish attitude lives on.  My Mom should've just given me a pair of swim trunks like I wanted.  It would have made for a much happier kodak moment." 

November 6, 2009

Mrs. Brown, You've DOT A Lovely Daughter

It's a Boy!  It's a Girl!  It's a DOT!   Another one straight outta the womb!  Do you think she's smiling in this picture (see LISA down the page)?  Something tells me wearing a Brownie uniform to her is like wearing a dress...awful!  Can you imagine this little girl coming to sell you cookies? You'd say, "Excuse me son, but shouldn't you be wearing a Boy Scout uniform?"  And she'd say, "Well I should cause I can make fire with sticks, build a hut out in the wilderness and spearfish, but then I wouldn't get to be around girls all the time.  So I'll keep this crappy Brownie gig.  Do you want a box of Samoas or not?"    What a DOT! 

Carrboro, NC
Words From Our Subject:
"I was in girl scouts for 2 years but my second year it wasn't as fun since my "best friend" a.k.a. my first crush left my troop for another one.  I was jealous when I heard that in boy scouts you get to do cool stuff like play javelin on bikes and I didn't understand why we had to sew seat cushions. 

Today, I'm a sociology grad student and teach Sex & Gender in Society.  My research is on gay Pride parades, and if my street cred wasn't enough through that I have short spikey hair (a lot like in the pic), I play flag football, drive a car with a rainbow sticker, and love my toolbox.  I've been accused of "never meeting a stereotype I didn't want to just bear hug", and my 2 1/2 year old nephew thinks I'm boy."