November 6, 2009

Mrs. Brown, You've DOT A Lovely Daughter

It's a Boy!  It's a Girl!  It's a DOT!   Another one straight outta the womb!  Do you think she's smiling in this picture (see LISA down the page)?  Something tells me wearing a Brownie uniform to her is like wearing a dress...awful!  Can you imagine this little girl coming to sell you cookies? You'd say, "Excuse me son, but shouldn't you be wearing a Boy Scout uniform?"  And she'd say, "Well I should cause I can make fire with sticks, build a hut out in the wilderness and spearfish, but then I wouldn't get to be around girls all the time.  So I'll keep this crappy Brownie gig.  Do you want a box of Samoas or not?"    What a DOT! 

Carrboro, NC
Words From Our Subject:
"I was in girl scouts for 2 years but my second year it wasn't as fun since my "best friend" a.k.a. my first crush left my troop for another one.  I was jealous when I heard that in boy scouts you get to do cool stuff like play javelin on bikes and I didn't understand why we had to sew seat cushions. 

Today, I'm a sociology grad student and teach Sex & Gender in Society.  My research is on gay Pride parades, and if my street cred wasn't enough through that I have short spikey hair (a lot like in the pic), I play flag football, drive a car with a rainbow sticker, and love my toolbox.  I've been accused of "never meeting a stereotype I didn't want to just bear hug", and my 2 1/2 year old nephew thinks I'm boy."  

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