October 29, 2009

I've DOT You Under My Skin

One of my friends mentioned that you could probably tell a DOT by her Halloween costume.  In honor of the upcoming holiday, we bring you this adorable pic of a girl who liked getting into character whether it was Halloween or not.  Clearly, this little Detective has solved her own future puzzle.  Mens hat?  Check.  Magnifying glass?  Check.   Black Slipper Shoes?  Check.  What a DOT?  Check. 

Words From Our Subject:
"When I was a kid, I loved dressing up as Sherlock Holmes, Clint Eastwood, Humphrey Bogart etc. etc. And I LOVED wearing my Dad's hats. This one is still my favorite.  My wife keeps a copy of this in her wallet, that way she never gets mad at me for anything."

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