October 22, 2009

Kermit The...DOT!

Ah, let's go back to a simpler time when all you needed was a pair of sweatpants and a ball to make you happy... oh, and a little green friend (make of that what you will).  I adore this picture from the Crystal Gayle hair (something tells me this DOT never wore it braided or in pigtails) to the basketball as a seat for Kermit.    And who knew our little lesbo was so fashion forward?  Those sneakers are all the rage right now.  The hair?  Not so much.  Although, I like to think she was growing it out for Locks of Love, cause we gays are charitable people.  

It's hard to see what she's watching on the remote control-less, Guide-less, DVR-less TV, but if she's trying to find someone to relate to, I'm afraid Samantha on "Gimme A Break" was the only representation of a tomboy at that time.  From what I remember, though, she couldn't even wear a baseball glove correctly.  Oh but don't worry little DOT soon enough you'll see someone just like you and me on the small screen.  Her name will be Darlene O'Connor.   What a DOT!


Words from our Subject:
"I basically wore a version of that outfit everyday. I had more "track suits" than I care to remember which was odd because I had asthma and rarely ran anywhere. Seriously I was the original sporty spice, rocking the wrist bands and the occasional visor.

The only thing I can remember about Kermit was that I took him everywhere, church, basketball practice, the movies and we sat close to the TV because I refused to wear my glasses. Totally uncool. But taking a frog everywhere you go was boss!"

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