October 20, 2009

Pretty (DOT) In Pink!

WOWZA!  I believe this subject must've known when she came out of the womb.  Sitting in the position that I've always preferred, but was always told was "un-lady-like," this DOT exudes confidence rarely seen at such a young age.  I admire it.  I mean look at those eyes, would you wanna mess with this chick?   Note the rolled-up jeans and velcro sneaks.  Just add a white t-shirt, tattoo and a motorcycle and the straight girls at school start questioning themselves.  This future lesbo is the definition of cool even with the Haley Joel Osment haircut.  What a DOT!

Atlanta, GA
Words From Our Subject:

"I HATED pink. I despised it and refused to wear the color in addition to any manner of clothing I considered to be "girly." My mother, however, wanted to have our portrait taken and was distressed that I would look like a boy so the only way she would allow me to wear my sneakers and jeans was if I would wear this pink sweater monogrammed so elegantly with my initials.

I started a club called the Tomboy Club, and there were very strict rules against wearing pink or being a "girly girl." Applicants to the club had to do things like crawl through the mud, hang upside down and run really fast."

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