October 29, 2009

I've DOT You Under My Skin

One of my friends mentioned that you could probably tell a DOT by her Halloween costume.  In honor of the upcoming holiday, we bring you this adorable pic of a girl who liked getting into character whether it was Halloween or not.  Clearly, this little Detective has solved her own future puzzle.  Mens hat?  Check.  Magnifying glass?  Check.   Black Slipper Shoes?  Check.  What a DOT?  Check. 

Words From Our Subject:
"When I was a kid, I loved dressing up as Sherlock Holmes, Clint Eastwood, Humphrey Bogart etc. etc. And I LOVED wearing my Dad's hats. This one is still my favorite.  My wife keeps a copy of this in her wallet, that way she never gets mad at me for anything."

October 22, 2009

Kermit The...DOT!

Ah, let's go back to a simpler time when all you needed was a pair of sweatpants and a ball to make you happy... oh, and a little green friend (make of that what you will).  I adore this picture from the Crystal Gayle hair (something tells me this DOT never wore it braided or in pigtails) to the basketball as a seat for Kermit.    And who knew our little lesbo was so fashion forward?  Those sneakers are all the rage right now.  The hair?  Not so much.  Although, I like to think she was growing it out for Locks of Love, cause we gays are charitable people.  

It's hard to see what she's watching on the remote control-less, Guide-less, DVR-less TV, but if she's trying to find someone to relate to, I'm afraid Samantha on "Gimme A Break" was the only representation of a tomboy at that time.  From what I remember, though, she couldn't even wear a baseball glove correctly.  Oh but don't worry little DOT soon enough you'll see someone just like you and me on the small screen.  Her name will be Darlene O'Connor.   What a DOT!


Words from our Subject:
"I basically wore a version of that outfit everyday. I had more "track suits" than I care to remember which was odd because I had asthma and rarely ran anywhere. Seriously I was the original sporty spice, rocking the wrist bands and the occasional visor.

The only thing I can remember about Kermit was that I took him everywhere, church, basketball practice, the movies and we sat close to the TV because I refused to wear my glasses. Totally uncool. But taking a frog everywhere you go was boss!"

October 20, 2009

Pretty (DOT) In Pink!

WOWZA!  I believe this subject must've known when she came out of the womb.  Sitting in the position that I've always preferred, but was always told was "un-lady-like," this DOT exudes confidence rarely seen at such a young age.  I admire it.  I mean look at those eyes, would you wanna mess with this chick?   Note the rolled-up jeans and velcro sneaks.  Just add a white t-shirt, tattoo and a motorcycle and the straight girls at school start questioning themselves.  This future lesbo is the definition of cool even with the Haley Joel Osment haircut.  What a DOT!

Atlanta, GA
Words From Our Subject:

"I HATED pink. I despised it and refused to wear the color in addition to any manner of clothing I considered to be "girly." My mother, however, wanted to have our portrait taken and was distressed that I would look like a boy so the only way she would allow me to wear my sneakers and jeans was if I would wear this pink sweater monogrammed so elegantly with my initials.

I started a club called the Tomboy Club, and there were very strict rules against wearing pink or being a "girly girl." Applicants to the club had to do things like crawl through the mud, hang upside down and run really fast."

October 16, 2009

You Want It, You DOT It!

Happy Friday everyone!  We got ourselves a real gem today.  The Bill Cosby sweater alone should've been a dead giveaway for the future DOT-VILLE USA resident.   But oh no!  She had to add a collared shirt underneath...plaid, of course!  For me though, the winning feature  of the whole picture is her butch interpretation of Dorothy Hamill's coiffe. What a DOT!  

Alvin, TX
Words from our Subject:
"My 3rd grade picture, ca. 1992.  Let's just say I was a big fan of the boys side of Gap Kids in elementary school."

October 6, 2009

You Can Dress Up The DOT, But You Can't Take Her Out...

Love it!  School pictures are every kid's nightmare... except for maybe the little beauty pageant girls.  Look at our poor little DOT.  If only looks could kill.  She's thinking, "Hurry up and take your friggin' wallet size picture so I can put my sweatpants back on...STAT!"  Either she just woke up or she was progressive for her age with that hairstyle.  I think one more season of the L Word and this could have been a Shane haircut.  What a DOT!

Words from our Subject:
"This was a school pic they made me wear a dress for and I wasn't happy about it. The photographer kept telling me to smile and I thought I WAS smiling! But I really hated getting dressed up for these things."

October 1, 2009

DOT Blooded-- Check It And See!

Did Elton John and Billie Jean King have a love child?  I'm just sayin...
Maybe the true test of a DOT picture is not the clothes they're wearing, but the facial expression.  Look at the "punim" on this one (sorry for the yiddish folks)!  I mean, come on!   This little one is thinking, "Thanks Mommy! One day I'm gonna wear this to the White Party at Dinah Shore Weekend!"  What a DOT!


Words from our Subject:
"I don't know what my mother was thinking dressing me in this 3 piece suit, but I really rocked it don't you think?!"