October 6, 2009

You Can Dress Up The DOT, But You Can't Take Her Out...

Love it!  School pictures are every kid's nightmare... except for maybe the little beauty pageant girls.  Look at our poor little DOT.  If only looks could kill.  She's thinking, "Hurry up and take your friggin' wallet size picture so I can put my sweatpants back on...STAT!"  Either she just woke up or she was progressive for her age with that hairstyle.  I think one more season of the L Word and this could have been a Shane haircut.  What a DOT!

Words from our Subject:
"This was a school pic they made me wear a dress for and I wasn't happy about it. The photographer kept telling me to smile and I thought I WAS smiling! But I really hated getting dressed up for these things."

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