December 1, 2009

Believe It Or DOT!

Have you seen this DOT?  She should be on a milk carton for missing DOTS of the early 80's... last seen on the softball field listening to the Culture Club on her boom box.  I love the smile (the sweet look of not knowing you're attracted to women), the hair (which foreshadows the future struggle of gay or straight, perfectly in between a boy and girl cut), the collar...  oh my!  And I loooove the background of choice on the picture.  It's so ethereal.  Makes her look like The Lesbian Messiah!   What a DOT!

South Kingstown, RI
Words From Our Subject:
"Hi! My name is Erin and I'm in the seventh grade and I like sports, hanging out on the playground and wearing my collar up. I have posters of all my favorite football players, Lawrence Taylor, Steve Largent and Phil Simms on the wall but for some reason I think I like boys.  In fact, I'll like boys until about age 25, even though I was a raging DOT.  Take a second look at the did I not know?????"

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